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What is a Senior Care Advocate?

Advocates are Professionals who who educate folks of all ages. Each Accredited Advocate is screened and agrees to meet a strict code of ethics. Our Advocates value community outreach and educational programs that help Seniors and their families. Through our Advocate's support, Points of Life' Partnership of Care is here to offer many educational programs and resources.

Family Education/Conversations about Life

Conversations about all aspects of Aging. Alleviating the complexities of Aging through knowledge. Topics include; Legal, Financial, Care, Financing Care to End of Life and much more.

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Find all the Resources you need across the Country. Alleviate stress and pressures during an illness and or fall.

Senior Care, Resources for Life

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Resources like these;

Aging Products/Clothing, Dining, Music, Bathroom, Care Manager, Care following Work in Nuclear Facility, Cemetery Plot/Buy and or sell, Chiropractic Care, CPA, Cremation, Dementia Issues, Design for Aging at Home or Community Living, Durable Medical Equipment, Elder Law, Elder Mediation, Estate Disposition, Estate Planners, Financial Planning, Family Coaching, Family Historians, Fiduciary, Finance Care with Life Insurance Equity, Funeral Planning, Home Care Non-Medical, Home Health Care, Home Alterations, Hospice, Identity Theft, Long Term Care Insurance, Legal Services, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare Planning, Medical Alert System, Move Mangers, Mobility Needs/Stair Lifts etc., Nutrition, Organizers, Real Estate Services, Retirement Community/Assisted Living, Reverse Mortgage, Senior Living Placement, Senior Move Manager, Technology/GPS, Technology/Home Monitoring, Transportation Needs, Veterans Benefits and more...


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The Conversation for Life-Conversations about Aging

A Conversation that every family needs to have! Talking about; The Legal Issues, Financial Issues, Care, Cost of Care, Locating Care, Financing Care, Through End of Life and more. it is education for the Family, Seniors and Professionals. it is stories from the “Front Lines of Aging” It takes the Complexities and Fear out of Aging. Invite a friend, Join the Conversation. We all hope we will be healthy forever, that is not reality. As we mature there are steps we need to take, there are organizations and companies who can make our life easier. Understanding the issues, who can help, what that help costs, how we will pay for it can keep families together. Understanding all needs can be challenging if done in crisis. You may need, Care for Mom a new home for Dad and much more

Mission Statement

Points of Life Educates Families, Seniors, Employees and Professionals about the complexities of aging, helping to avoid the uncertainty of a crisis, such as an illness or fall. Providing Nationwide Education and Resources.